Vernon Luk

Software Engineer Intern

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About Me

Hi! I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University that loves math and coding. I'm passionate about making a difference through the possibilities that technology offers. I also like grapes and pancakes (not both at once though).



Software Engineer Intern

Built a high-performance, multithreaded web crawler to gather market data and facilitate customer acquisition. Designed an asynchronous webpage classification algorithm that categorized frontend interfaces in realtime. Deployed the Python application to successfully discover over 15,000 potential clients in the education industry.

Bloomberg Inc.

Software Engineer Intern

Designed and developed a nearline service in C++ to analyze global Bloomberg Terminal client usage patterns. Anonymized and aggregated search histories to deliver real-time universal search recommendations. Created a continuous integration build pipeline with automated testing, deployment, and monitoring.


Carnegie Mellon University

Dec 2022 (Expected)

Statistics and Machine Learning


Baymax (Python)

Intelligent realtime chatbot on Discord powered by recurrent neural networks trained on user interactions.

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Cutie (Python)

Internet application that asynchronously retrieves online mathematics exercises formatted in LaTeX.

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